Learn how you can apply UX Laws that lead to seamless customer journeys and brand loyalty.

Customers tend to explore more about the brand or product when the journey is meaningful. Thus, leading to desired business success. Now on our 2nd Make Webinar made just for you, we’re here to share how you can apply a positive digital experience that would make your customers loyal.

Topics Covered

UX Design forms foundations that fulfill the user’s needs. It is seeing your brand through the perspective of your customers and keeping their preferences in mind. Proper application of UX Design lessens confusion between brand and its clients, amplifies engagement, and helps in increasing customer satisfaction and conversions.

Topics that will be covered in the UX Laws webinar:

Aesthetic-Usability Effect

Learn how aesthetically pleasing and usable design affects user decisions.

Laws of Similarity

See how users perceive design elements as a complete picture even if they are not grouped together.

Serial Position Effect

Observe how users tend to remember the first and last items in a series.

The Speaker

We invited one of the best in their respective field. Get to know more about this event’s presenter.

Mica Diaz de Rivera

Head of Innovation